Monday, September 8, 2008

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls, Unless it's these!

If you only do one more culturally enriching activity this fall make sure it's to go see these man-made Waterfalls! There are 4 housed in the East River and at night the views are breathtaking, these waterfalls are between 90-120ft tall, as tall as the statue of Liberty!

I also highly recommend viewing them via bike, the total trip took me about 2 hours and it's a lovely way to see the city at night. You get to ride over both the Brooklyn & Manhattan bridges and you guessed it, it's free this way. Circle Line also does a 30 minute boat ride for $10 and shows you all four but I'm telling you via bicycle is the best way.

The journey was the most enjoyable part of this for me as I discovered each waterfall as treasure on my route.

The Public Art Fund worked with the city to map out the best bike route with maps + detailed directions all available here. Best part.. the entire bike route is marked on the streets with waterfall images and arrows to guide you during the trip.

I had a great time and never got lost, plus I got some incredible views of NYC skyline at night. Totally worth it, beg, borrow or buy a bike in order to take advantage of these free works of art, you'll thank me for it.

Here's the info, but hurry these are only available until October 13, 2008
Mon & Wed 5:30-9pm
Tues & Thurs-Sunday 12:30-9pm

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