Monday, September 15, 2008

Less Than Zero-Free Elvis Costello & James Taylor Concert!

So here's a special treat for those No Trust Funders that don't work full time. Citibank is giving away free tickets to see a special concert with Elvis Costello & James Taylor, tomorrow Tuesday, September 16th!

Click here and just call the 800 number to reserve tickets. There's really no catch they are free, the Sundance channel is filming a special on the two singers.

Contrary to what the site says you DO NOT have to be a citibank cardholder to gain access, I have insider info from a friend at the bank. Here's the details, move quick...

Taping Date and Time:

Tuesday, September 16th 2PM (doors open at 12:45PM and close promptly at 1:30PM)

The Apollo Theatre 253 West 125th StreetNew York, NY 10027

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