Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wiggin' Out: Some Dreams really do come true!

At the request of my sister Badinia, I am putting up a story about one of my favorite past-times...dumpster diving for wigs. A few months ago a classmate emailed me and said that a Ricky's was closing down near NYU and they were throwing out all the merchandise. He'd spotted a huge dumpster full of colorful wigs, mannequins, costumes, etc. all up for grabs.
So of course I took my lunch break immediately and headed on down there before all the good stuff was gone. I made friends with a few homeless people and quickly found myself waist-deep in mannequin body parts.
Among the amazing things I got that afternoon were 17 colorful wigs (still in the package), a brand new set of hot rollers, and a few random mannequin hands. I then decided to do what any reasonable person with 17 new wigs would do... I decided to have my friends over for a Wig Party. For the invite I enlisted the help of my fabulous friend Kathleen to take some photos. (seen above). She did a great job and we had a great time at the party. This story is just another one of the million reasons I love living New York City. Free Wigs = Good Times! xoxo

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ricebird said...

not to be weird, but you sound super fun and we should hang out. i write a blog pretty similar to yours - check it out!