Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Say My Name-Name Night-Drink For Free in Manhattan

One of my favorite deals in the city has always been "name night" at a few choice bars in Manhattan. Every night of the month they pick a different name. If yours is selected, you drink for free. They post it on a calendar monthly so you can gather up your peeps for a celebration....of your name.

This is the first month I've seen my name chosen at BOTH bars and so I'm super excited to indulge in the coming days. The one request the bars have is that you come with a crowd, no lonely alcoholics please and definitely tip the gracious bartenders.

Is your name Danielle? Courtney? Julia? Kim? Jim? Emily?!?!? Then you get to drink for free at No Idea Bar this month!

Is your name Dan? Jessica? Paul? Justin? Masao? Then you get to drink for free at Antarctica this month!

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