Saturday, March 15, 2008

Low-Cost Digs

Recently a friend wrote me and asked:

This is a very odd and almost embarrassing thing to ask but what the heck.

I recently moved into my own place but I don't want to spend a lot on furniture. If anyone has any freebies they would like to get rid up keep me in mind. I guess this is also a great way to "go green."

Geesh! I feel like I'm begging...

I informed my friend that if her email qualified as begging then I was a total smelly hobo. I furnished my entire apartment in New York with treasures from the trash/craigslist including the most fabulous full length mirror for my apartment because I dug out of the trash outside a restaurant and carried it home 15 blocks. And it was raining...I'm definitely more of a beggar.

Anyway, for free/low cost furniture I highly recommend, Housing Works, Craigslist (Free Section), The Salvation Army and your neighborhood!

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