Friday, October 23, 2009

Ghoul's Gold- Score of Doom Halloween Swap, Saturday, October 24th

Haven't gotten your Halloween costume sorted yet? Well you're in luck because the Score of Doom is tomorrow! If you haven't R.S.V.P.'d yet, do it now! IT'S THE BEST HALLOWEEN TREAT!

Trophy Bar is hosting the latest spookified “Score!” swap. Bring your old zombie makeup, Bob Ross wigs, Mr. T chains etc, and score some new threads for Hallow’s eve. Exchange outfits with your friends, get new ideas from professional “costume consultants”, drink creepy-themed drinks, and dance to good tunes. Because why spend money on slutty cop outfits when you can spend it on alcohol instead? Hello, it’s a no-brainer. Mmmmmm BRAIIIINS.

Where: Trophy Bar, 351 Broadway (Brooklyn)
When: Saturday, October 24th, 2pm-6pm
Cost: $5 entry, RSVP Required, 21+
donations accepted up until 5:30pm

SOUNDS OF DOOM In the spirit of scoring awesome stuff for free, SCORE OF DOOM is giving away a FREE Halloween MegaMix of Doom, by SCORE! resident DJ Shakeyface. Give it a listen while you're applying your werewolf makeup. Download now… it disappears on Halloween!

COSTUMES OF DOOM Costume Consultants will be available at the Score of Doom!, but get inspired now! Here are some of your best costumes ever: Zombie Tina Turner, Chinese Takeout Container (with Fortune Cookie Giveaways), A Treasure Troll, Bacon-eating Robot, and the classic "Undead Ballerina - Extra Bloody." Also, lots of vampires. Take a gander at what people are bringing to the swap at

COCKTAILS OF DOOM They're squeezing buckets of blood oranges for the O-Positive Mimosas. Mimosas, Bloody Marys, and Micheladas, aka hellfire beer, served up by the Trophy drink masters for $5 a pop.

How does Score Of Doom work you ask?

Step 1: RSVP

Step 2: Rummage through your closet for anything that fits in the following categories:

- Full costumes

- Costume pieces (wigs, props, spandex? oooh, spandex!)

- Make-up

Step 3: Bring your old costumes to Trophy Bar.

Step 4: Grab a “Cocktail of Doom” (drink specials include Bloody Mary’s and Blood Orange Mimosas)

Step 6: Drink, dance, find a new costume, get a make-up tutorial, and if you still don’t know what to “be”… talk to our professional costume consultants. Score!

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