Friday, January 22, 2010

Glazed & Confused-How to Make Your Manicure Last

Ladies, for an easy and low-cost way to feel more fabulous in a snap, treat yourself to a manicure from your local salon. Here in NYC there is an abundance of options for great nails on almost every corner. For me, I have my no-fuss/affordable shop in Murray Hill, Romie's ($8/manicure) and for nights that I want something hot and extra special I hit up my girls at Valley.
The biggest problem I have with manis/pedis i
s the fact that they don't last very long before the paint chips and considering the time & money spent in the salon, I want my color to stay. Recently I found a way around this issue by just slapping on some clear Top Coat daily on your pretty digits. It's affordable, ranging between $1-$4 a bottle and it can prevent chips and help lengthen the time between appointments from 1-3 weeks.
Top Coat can not only help increase the life of your manicure, but I also learned that in addition to stopping runs in your stockings, this
clear polish can also help keep your buttons from unraveling. Place a drop on the thread in the center of the button to help keep it in place. This tip thanks to the always adorable, Johnny Cupcakes. Now go out there and get your nails did and remember the Top Coat! xoxo

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Badinia said...

I'm fricking obsessed with nail decals- available from Sally Hansen, Sephora, and many other animal-friendly brands- it takes a little bit of effort to get 'em on, but then they are PERFECT for two weeks! Essentially until they grow out!